Remedial Astrology (sub-divisions)

Remedial Astrology (sub-divisions)

Upachar or Remedial – Unlike most other forms of astrology, Vedic style contains a lot of knowledge on remedies. One is bound to go through various joys and sufferings based on his or her Karmic assets or Prarabdha. A part of this Karma is unalterable and another part can be modified through virtuous and sinuous deeds of this life itself. Besides, there are some forms of remedies prescribed in some ancient and relatively newer texts which can be applied to reduce pain and remove some obstacles. But, one should never expect or claim that through any kind of remedy one’s Karmic effects can be completely overturned.

Upachars can be broadly classified into the following categories –

Mantras (Japa or chanting special mantras)
Homas or Yajnas (Special rituals normally in the presence of fire)
Yantras (Special geometric designs)
Dana (Donating specific objects to specific kind of people)
Ratna (Precious gemstones)
Dhatu (Specific metals)
Moola (Roots of some specific plants)


Regular and repeated chanting of specific Mantras is of great effect. Mantras whether Vedic or Tantrik can be equally beneficial if chanted with enough devotion and faith. Of course there are some other conditions for proper Mantra Siddhi, but the two chief requirements have to be respect and faith for the deity and the mantra itself. One can satisfy any special deity or a particular planetary God by chanting its mantra regularly. There are different mantras for different purposes also. But, one should not expect instant result after chanting any mantra for only a few days. It is a time consuming but very effective process provided one maintains a high level of devotion, faith and concentration.

WARNING : Mantras related to the Dasamahavidya (Matangi, Kamala, Bagala, Tripureshwari, Tara, Bhuvaneswari, Dakshina Kali, Chhinnamasta, Dhumavati, Bhairavi) should not be chanted without proper guidelines from a learned Guru as these mantras if disrespected even unintentionally can backfire dangerously. Contd.

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